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Our Story

The construction of the state of the art facility at Graves-Oakley has been a long time coming. But that doesn't mean it was easy. After the money for the clubhouse was originally thought to have been raised, the Covid-19 pandemic led to a significant price increase for many of the materials required for the building. Not only were costs increased but it also meant navigating two years of changing restrictions which made the construction of this building an even more logistically challenging task. However, in face of these challenges, the community came together to raise the additional money, with contributions coming from all three levels of government, our proud corporate sponsors like Admiral Insurance, and most importantly from generous donors from across the country and beyond who donated their hard earned money to make this one-time dream into a reality. Now, Graves-Oakley has moved into a different era with the opening of the Admiral Club.  Now those using these beautiful fields and baseball diamonds will truly be able to join their sport in an enhanced way, with dressing rooms, accessible washrooms, showers, a bar and a reception area now bringing Graves-Oakley Park into the 21st century. The next generation will now be able to grow up with all of these amenities which promise to make taking part in sports at Graves both an easier and more enjoyable experience. Whereas Graves-Oakley Park used to just be a simple field, with the introduction of the Admiral Club, it's now much more than that, it's a home. 

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